Jürgen Oskamp

Co-founder of Achilles and avid kite-surfer. Jurgen likes to ponder the more esoteric side of life. Just don't ask what kind of car he drives.

Usine à Vapeur

This old steam-powered furniture factory is our most valued teammate. Just like the rest of us it is full of character and doesn't leak too much. Well, most of us.

Koen Elsen

Co-founder of Achilles, runner, and musician. Really likes to get our clients to take a "deep dive." He used to have long hair, but that was just a phase.

Yves Peeters

Some say he is the red-headed love child of Koen and Jürgen, and that he once skied down a mountain in an Alfa Romeo. All we know is, he's called The Yves.

Philip Madden

If you have a challenging project, want to learn about grilling, or wonder what an American beer-geek looks like, take a seat at Phil's bar... I mean desk.

Yassine Abid

Yassine once tried to combine all his hobbies into one. Dribbling a football up a rock face was fine, but his 'digital canvas' was too heavy to take with him.

Tim Ruytjens

Teaching a sketching class, figuring out the impossible, being the father of three girls. This band geek has more than enough courage and perseverance.

Lukas Van Campenhout

In his spare time, Lukas is a sculptor. He likes to fondle surfaces. However, with his vast technical knowledge, he knows that beauty isn't just skin deep.

Diana Schneider

Fueled by coffee, Diana can design your next product or your global design strategy. Her greatest dream is to be able to commute to work by boat.

Tom Verbist

Give this Funky white boy some bacon and he'll love you forever. Tom does his best creative thinking while slacklining, whatever that is.

Ward Adriaenssen

Does it really need that? Ward doesn't think so. He likes to keep it simple. He'll let his photography and animation skills add the bling. Did I just say bling?

Joris Ronsmans

The only one in the office who does his grocery shopping during lunchtime. Foodie and flea-market fan, Joris knows how to find the good stuff.

Simon Depauw

Ever wonder who that crazy guy on that weird looking recumbent bike is? Say hello to Simon. He does like to go vertical at the climbing gym though.

Wannes De Schepper

In a past life Wannes was a Buddhist monk. In this life he is our graphic design warhorse. Hold the reins tight or he'll make a break for the French border.

Marc Van Strydonck

Marc has a split personality. He is a designer, dreamer, and musician but also an engineer who loves Economics and Psychology. Odd isn't it?

Els Van Gils

Part magician, part zoo-keeper, Els makes sure everything in the office runs smoothly so the rest of us can keep the designs coming. Thanks Els!

Raf Schoors

An eye for design and a stomach for eating, drinking, and cooking. A real lust for life. Thankfully cycling and rowing help burn off all those lustful calories.

Joost Thurman

Joost is our well-traveled business manager. He speaks both Business and Design. If only we could get him off the golf course.

Gerty Deschrijver

This early bird skips the worm and goes straight for the good food. A high flying graphic talent that you can't keep caged.

Nele Vermaelen

A pink-grapefruit powered bookworm who lives for the thrill of a deadline. Her son says she's pretty good at building forts and capturing aliens too.

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