For their latest generation of festival trash bins, Veolia Environmental Services counted on Achilles Design to save the day. The result was Captain Rabbit and his Invincible Carrots. Their mission, to ensure festival-goers dispose of their trash in the correct manner, has already been successfully accomplished on the fields of TW Classic and many other festivals.

Trash bins at large events don't only need to catch the eye of the would-be litterer, they also have to be safe. Captain Rabbit and his Invincible Carrots were designed so that they could not be moved, damaged, or climbed on by over enthusiastic festival-goers. Most importantly, they also have to be fire-proof.

The result of this project is much more than a trash bin. Through service design exercises we were able to go beyond the product and create a solution that was almost guaranteed to succeed. We took into consideration all of the parties involved with the product: Veolia, the festival organizers, installers, festival-goers, and the workers who have to empty the bins. All requirements from the individual stakeholders were determined through service design techniques such as Personas and Day In The Life Of. The ground-plans from a typical festival were used as a starting point to create a new experience for the entire festival program; the so-called Customer Journey. Captain Rabbit is not a fancy trash bin but rather a cunning crusader helping us all to fight the good fight.


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