The pilgrimage of Scherpenheuvel is one of the most known and popular pilgrimages in Belgium. A service design assignment was applied for the candle chapel of the pilgrimage, in order to maximize the overall experience. The main focus of the project was to optimize the customer experience.

For this project, Achilles applied its service design methodology. In a first phase, the core values of the institution could be revealed and defined. Next, the needs of all the stakeholders were revealed by using known service design methods, such as 'persona's' and 'day in the life'.

The starting point of the new customer experience design was the given layout of the domain, which allowed us to create a so called 'customer journey map'.

The result of the project is a new layout of service points and visual translation of these service points. The new design allowed the candle suppliers to work more efficient.

Finally, a unique range of candles was designed, according to the defined core values.

Also, Achilles designed the new logo for the pilgrimage of Scherpenheuvel: a fresh new brand image which reflects the core values of the organization.

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