The Playground project is a service design project for the Saint Peter's school at Langdorp, Belgium. The parent committee initiated a great plan to renovate the playground of the school. The goal of this plan was to make the given terrain more functional, child friendly, ecological, cozier and more adventurous; a benefit for all stakeholders, including the children, teachers and management.

For this project, Achilles applied its service design approach. In a first phase, the needs of all the stakeholders were revealed and analyzed, by the use of known service design techniques, such as 'day in the life' and 'user audits'.

These needs and demands were used to create new design proposals in the next phase. The result of the project is a new layout of the terrain and a visual translation of the components of the new concept. Achilles' experience in product design added an extra value within this service design project. The units of 'environmental care at school' are an example of this added knowledge. The provided result served as an input for the plans to external executors.

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