What will shopping be like in twenty years? Living Tomorrow and the Colruyt Group came to us to have a look into the crystal ball for a glimpse of the future.

Living Tomorrow is quite literally a prototype for the future home. With this house as the backdrop, we dove into the future of the supermarket. To begin with we visited Living Tomorrow as a normal visitor from the present. After that we came back to evaluate the experience as 4 separate personas from a family covering three generations. Each persona had their own needs, limitations and expectations which all have an impact on their use and understanding of the future home and shopping experience. Their experiences were laid out in story boards in order to visualize the context and interactions. For each of these touch-points we defined a series of user-needs, problem points, and suggestions for improvements in a touch-point matrix. The combination of the storyboards and touch-point analysis resulted in a Customer Journey Map linking the total experience of all parties involved.

Through critical analysis of how people experience a space, how they interact with each other in certain contexts, and how this may evolve in the future, the Colruyt Group hopes to learn how their values fit into their customer's lives. This will help them to communicate these values in an authentic, believable, and effective manner. It will also show them where they may need to pay extra attention in terms of communication, customer flow, product placement, and other key touch-points.


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