How does a telecom giant like Telenet integrate the real world customer experience of their clients into their everyday business culture? With a fictional family of course.

Telenet's ACE (Amazing Customer Experience) unit is hard at work studying the customer experience around their products and services. This group supports Telenet's transition to a more customer focused company by understanding where the customer experience is good and where there is room for improvement. Creating a better customer experience is hard work and it requires close cooperation between all departments. For this reason everyone needs to be on the same page. The challenge was to put each and every Telenet employee in the shoes of their clients and walk them through the customer journey, not only in an easy to digest manner but also to inspire them. We proudly introduce the Playzier family.

Every quarter we develop a series of animations around this fictitious family and the Telenet-Heroes that come to the rescue. By highlighting common customer grievances and possible solutions in a playful manner, complex scenarios can be easily explained in an informal way. By showing these animations in Telenet's cafeteria this information is shown daily to a wide employee base. The animations also feature heavily on their internal network.

By promoting these informative and playful animations Telenet drives home the fact that a good customer experience is essential to what they do. In many ways a good customer experience is the real product that they are trying to sell.


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