Every sport has its legends, but cycling has a living God. Eddy Merckx, the most successful cyclist of all time, is the top authority on human powered speed. Eddy Merckx Cycles offers riders an opportunity to ride like Eddy, with power and speed. We were honored when they asked us to be their design partner for their new flagship models, EMX-525 and ETT.

Instead of engaging in a battle to produce the lightest road bicycle frame, the key to designing the new EMX-525 was optimizing stiffness. Resulting in the widest bottom bracket available, a tapered head tube and a huge volume for the down tube. The new Aero II fork has been improved to deliver better stiffness at the front end while asymmetric seat stays combat the tremendous rear-end stress. Even the carbon fiber layup process was redesigned to improve stiffness. By using continuous fibers over the junctions and extending these fibers into the chain stays there is no loss of stiffness on these critical areas. As a result the EMX-525 is a top of the range frame that exhibits stable and crisp handling.

The same design principles were applied in the development of the new time trail frame, ETT. This frame features an extra ground breaking detail, the Venturi Powerbox. The down tube has three slots that funnel air through the frame. As the air passes through the slots it speeds up, resulting in reduced drag and buffeting, and a stiffer down tube. The brakes are neatly integrated at the front behind the fork, and at the rear they're on the seat stays. The seat stays also form a wide box section to allow uninterrupted airflow around the seat tube.

Two years in development, these frames are the result of a close collaboration between Eddy Merckx cycles and Achilles. A close examination of the core values of Eddy Merckx Cycles lead to a new platform for the development of bicycle frames, upon which we created the new EMX-525 and ETT frames.

With strict technical requirements we were able to create a 3D CAD model which would allow us to tweak every surface according to feedback from testing and manufacturing. The technical design, cosmetic styling, and UCI regulations elegantly merged together resulting in unique geometries to give Eddy Merckx Cycles a distinct advantage. Parallel to the design of the frames, additional components were also developed such as a sunken stem for the ETT, integrated seat posts and corresponding clamps. Even the graphics on the new frames were created by Achilles. The graphics amplify the strong characters of the frames, without ignoring the overall Merckx branding. Which of course was no problem since we were also responsible for all graphics on the 2012 and 2013 product ranges, like this EMX-7 Limited Anniversary Edition.

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