Urban biking keeps growing as younger generations move back to the cities and ditch their polluting cars. With decades of racing knowledge, Eddy Merckx was wondering what an urban bike would look like if he had made one. We helped him find out.

What would an Eddy Merckx urban bike be like? It would be strong and sturdy, with a steel frame that is made to traverse the hazards of the city. No matter how bone-shaking the cobblestones are or how treacherous the roads become, Eddy's bike would conquer it all. Quick and balanced to smoothly navigate between traffic on streets and sidewalks. Simple and stripped of all frills to keep maintenance at a minimum. It would have brakes, unlike many fixed-gear bikes, because safety remains a priority for Eddy Merckx. Above all that, the bike would be beautifully simple and purely exhilarating.

To get started, we took inspiration from the most famous Merckx bike of all, his hour world record bike from 1972 (in Mexico City), ridden and designed by Eddy himself. No decoration, no frills, just quick, strong and perfectly balanced. For us, these are the requirements for a modern urban bike. Therefore, the UMX-S is designed with a nod to this unmatchable ancestor. Some even claim that the original orange color was specially selected for its low weight! We used this same color to once again put Eddy's iconic performance back in the limelight.

In order to emphasize the importance of safety, we designed a matching helmet in collaboration with Nutcase. This new Generation 2 Nutcase helmet by Achilles Design features an exclusive Eddy Merckx print.

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