In 2015 our great partnership with Eddy Merckx Cycles continued to add to the legends story.

Through integrated, industrial design and sleek styling Achilles Design guaranteed a unique line and a strong brand experience throughout the entire range. Then two completely new bikes were designed. Both bicycles with a unique story: Mourenx69 and Sanremo76. These achievements of Eddy Merckx were the inspiration for the technical specifications of both frames. Linking the model names and corresponding specifications to historic victories was a smart, strategic choice of Eddy Merckx Cycles.

Mourenx69: a racing machine with stamina. Referring to Merckx's win in the 17th stage of the 1969 Tour de France. The epic ride of 214.5 km from Luchon to Mourenx provided the inspiration for this bike. Asymmetric chain stays for the perfect balance. A downsized bottom bracket and longer seat stays result in better shock absorption. A higher head tube and shorter top tube enable a more upright position, perfect for long-distance journeys.

Sanremo76: a performance-driven race machine. This bike is a tribute to Merckx his unbroken record of 7 wins in la Primavera. A high-performance road bike designed and built in the sign of speed. A longer top tube and lower head tube ensure an aerodynamic position. Combined with the compact seat stays and oversized bottom bracket this bicycle accommodates a more direct and aggressive riding style.

The range of bikes for ladies was completed with the Milano72. Road racing for women is gaining prestige. They also push their athletic performance to the upper limits. A deliberate strategy of Eddy Merckx Cycles to put a high-performance bike in the market such as the Milano72. This bicycle has been specifically designed to meet the female geometry. No flowers, no pink or gadgets, only serious material for serious riders!


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