If you have a fast bike and one of those stylishly tight outfits, then you may have a problem with your head. You need to both protect that brain as well as make it more aerodynamic. Grab yourself Lazer's Tardiz, Time And Relative Dimension In Space. Or should that be Zpace?

Together with Lazer, we set out to make a fast, and comfortable helmet suited perfectly for both time trials and triathlons. After intensive aerodynamic testing, the Tardiz has become a very fast helmet indeed. The high-gloss surfaces on the front of the helmet ensure minimal air resistance while the dimpled backside minimizes buffeting and lowers the air pressure going over the rider. The backside is also designed to give better performance whether the rider has his head up or down.

Another innovation, the Aqua Vent, was inspired by one of our colleagues experiences on the hot mountain roads of Hawaii during the Ironman world championships. This technology allows the rider to squirt water into his helmet while a series of channels and pads distribute the water around the head, but away from the eyes. Combine that with controlled airflow through the helmet and you have a highly efficient cooling system. Adding to the comfort, Lazer's famous Rollsys system ensures that the rider can easily and quickly adjust the fit of their helmet, even while riding. All this makes the Tardiz a comfortable and rider friendly helmet.

The Tardiz was launched with great success in the run-up to the 2009 Giro and is is continuing to help riders break records today. Lazer and Achilles together have helped make riders more comfortable, faster, and safer on their way to the podium.

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