Many sports facilities and schools have those old folding, mobile basketball hoops. They are never quite as easy to fold, unfold or move around as you would hope, so they usually just stay put. These large hunks of metal often prove to be quite dangerous as well. Little or no padding, dangerous folding mechanisms, and some aren't even stable.

The good people at Janssen-Fritsen asked us to join their team for the development of a better mobile basketball goal. Better yet, they wanted to make a truly safe and easy to use basketball goal. Now that's something we can play along with.

To maximize stability we naturally moved the center of gravity as low as possible. The base of the tower is made from steel while the sliding arm portion is made from aluminum. This basketball hoop is extremely stable. Couple that with the thick padding on the front and sides and you have a very safe product. With the low stowed height of the unit and the two swivel wheels (also two fixed wheels), the J&F basketball goal is easy to maneuver and store away. The weight distribution of the arm ensures that it uses part of its own mass as counterweight. Furthermore the height adjustment is assisted with a powerful torsion spring that allows easy and safe operation, even for shorter people. The tilting of the backboard is also assisted by a torsion spring.

All in all, this is a big improvement over other mobile basketball towers, and a good example of what Achilles can help clients achieve.

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