When you go down to the blood donation center, you normally want to get out of there as quickly as possible. In order for that to happen the staff working at the facility need to have equipment that they can efficiently work with. Donors also don't like being hooked-up to complicated, old looking machines. They want everything to look friendly, modern, clean, and safe. For the re-design of the T-RAC (Terumo Recording and Automatic blood Collector) blood collector, Terumo knew that we could deliver them something that would make both donation center workers and donors happy.

The main goal when designing the T-RAC II was to make a user friendly mobile all-in-one machine. A machine that still offers all the options that allow the donation center workers to get their job done efficiently, but without bulk or complication.

When a donation center worker has to monitor a number of machines it is imperative that they can quickly see the status of each machine. The T-RAC II offers a number of ways to notify the user of the machines status. Clear on-screen visuals show exactly how far along in the donation process that the machine is. This can be further enhanced using the T-RAC II's signal antenna or desktop remote. The signal antenna towers high above the unit and shows the status of the machine through the color changing light pipe. This allows the user to glance around the room at all machines to quickly asses their progress. The desktop remote does the same while giving a bit more freedom of where the light-pipe is placed.

Achilles was responsible for the overall concept as well as engineering for all main parts. Working closely with the electronics supplier we were able to deliver a sturdy, compact, and efficient device.

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