Together, Terumo and Achilles set about designing a new infusion pump that simplifies patient care and monitoring in the Intensive Care ward. With space for up to nine pumps this unit can handle even the most complex treatments.

After the briefing was translated into product specifications, we created different configurations of all the needed components. These configurations were modeled and tested against ergonomic data. Once we found the right layout, the task became finding a form language that fits the market.

Attaching or removing a pump from the system is easily accomplished with minimal handling. Because of the central positioning and solid base the pumps are well protected against accidents.

The central Patient Data Monitoring System (PDMS) gives an overview of all the infusion details of all patients in the system. The modularity of the system allows it to handle different configurations and combinations from a simple infusion to the most specialized circumstances. If something were to go wrong with one of the pumps than the status light on top of the unit would light up red. Safety first!

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