In the world of blood collection a good tube sealer is needed. Speed and ease of use are critical when you need to seal off blood collection bags or make samples, especially at high-through put collection centers where you'll need to do it hundreds of times a day. When Terumo needed to redesign their T-SEAL tube sealer they relied upon us to help them on their path to innovation. Not only did they want to update the looks of the T-SEAL but they wanted to offer something new to the user, flexibility.

Previously there were two types of bench top sealers on the market, single-head and multi-head. You would use a single head sealer if you were simply sealing off collection bags or a few sample segments or a multi-head machine if you needed to segment a lot of tubing. A couple suppliers had figured out that you could use a row of single-head units together allowing you to vary the segment size, but this involved bulky and difficult to use add-on solutions. We thought that there had to be a better way.

The T-SEAL II is a single-head unit that can easily be used in series, without any extra parts. Everything you need is built right into the unit. With a flip-out spacer foot you can easily choose a distance between units and hook them together. Easy-to-use, sturdy, secure, adjustable and integrated are the key words. There are also two flip-out feet for when a single unit is being used. When the feet are folded up the T-SEAL becomes highly mobile adding to its flexibility.

The design of the front face allows for very easy placing of the tubing within the welder head. Just slide the tube down the front face, it lines itself up, and the unit automatically jumps into action.  Feedback on the status of the machine couldn't be any simpler. The LED ring around the head clearly shows when the machine is ready (green) or in process of welding (orange). If there is an error (like removal of the head for cleaning) then the LED ring turns off and the exclamation point flashes red.

Achilles was responsible for the overall concept, styling, foot mechanics, and initial internal layout working closely with the electronics supplier on the final internals.

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