With the Xeikon 5000, Punch Graphix introduced a radical new approach to digital printing. This new machine offers a great boost to print quality, productivity and flexibility, while the related costs are substantially reduced. This innovative machine needed an equally impressive look, so Punch Graphix asked us to help them design the casework.

We aimed for a combination of hard-edged design with organic, flowing details that go completely against the traditional shapes that are common with the use of sheet steel. The curved casework in bright red and silver, turn this digital printing device into an eye catcher on every fair and in every print office.

The tough arched shapes with hollow and rounded lines were achieved without any complex or expensive production techniques such as moulding and stamping. By analyzing existing production techniques and reformulating them, we managed to create a look that one would more easily associate with injection moulding rather than with sheet steel. It comes as no surprise that this design received the IF Product Design Award for excellent design in 2005.

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