Street lights come in all shapes and sizes, but only a few become classics. From the sixties in Belgium and the Netherlands this was the “Kegel”, initially designed by Friso Kramer, and in post war Germany and Austria it was the “Mushroom.” When Schreder decided to update these two icons, the spotlight was on Achilles.

With the global move from incandescent lighting to LEDs, Schreder decided to not only update the lighting technology of these classics in their range, but update the construction and form as well. Beginning with a general overview of the Dutch and German markets, we took a look at the trends in architecture, urban planning, and public goods (trash cans, postboxes, park benches, etc.). Through the accompanying trend analysis we were able to lock into subtle details that we then used to build upon the success of the Kegel and the Mushroom's history.

By paying careful attention to what makes a product a success and by understanding its market, you can successfully reinvent an icon to ensure it will pass the test of time.


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