Replacing a bestseller is never an easy task but after more than 20 years service, the Etap Lighting K1 needed a more modern appearance and an update to it's light technology. Together, Achilles and Etap Lighting were able to pull it off.

The key to ensure a long life for the new K1 was to make it fit within the overall Etap Lighting vision. Not only did this mean that the product had to visually melt with the other products in its line but also adapt itself to ever changing technologies and customer needs. The same body can be used with many different lighting technologies.

Further more the K1 had to become the “installer's friend”. There was a lot of thought on how we could lower the time it takes to install the unit therefore lowering installation costs. An assembly plate is first fixed to the wall and then the K1 body can be clicked into place without the need for any tools. This cut down the installation time by 20%. The unique adjustment system corrects for any unevenness of the wall so that the K1 always sits level.



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