You may ask yourself what exactly needs to be designed on an industrial transformer? The people at Pauwels asked us that too. After applying some design thinking we can say that there is a lot you can improve, and that is just what we did with their Slim line of transformers.

A transformer not only needs to perform it's main function, but it also needs to be assembled, transported, installed, and maintained. If it also happens to look good, no one is going to complain about that. After an intensive ergonomic and work flow study the individual components of the transformer were repositioned to give the technicians a better overview and easier access. The product build-up was also reevaluated to make the unit easier and faster to assemble.

Since this compact line of transformers are used in situations where space is limited, such as windmills, we had to be very careful with the overall sizing, and the working envelope around the product. On top of all that we still had to ensure that the cooling could be optimized and we wanted to bring a new bold look to the line. It was a challenge, but we succeeded on all accounts.

Not only did we achieve our goals but through redefining what you can expect in an industrial transformer, we also blew new life into the Pauwels brand image. Achilles Design and Pauwels proved to be a bold and innovative combination.

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