BEST (Belgian Electronic Sorting Technology) is not just an acronym. They know what they are doing. They are specialized in the engineering, production, sales, and installation of sorting machines. In order to ensure that their next machine truly would be the best, they asked us to help them out.

For the detection of foreign material in packaging products, the IXUS x-ray sorter is your best option. X-rays pass through objects and can be measured. This is how IXUS can detect variations in density. For example, a metal pin will absorb more x-rays than a raisin or a nut. By checking the density of the passing products Ixus can quickly identify foreign material and remove it from the product stream. Couple that with the Ixus' image recognition that can detect imperfections on fruit, or whatever product is being sorted, and you have a machine that selects exactly what you want.

Achilles Design was involved from the beginning. We were able to set up an optimal configuration of components which improved the assembly, working, and usability of the IXUS. This was determined not only with CAD models but also with full-scale ergonomic mock-ups. Every detail and control point was thoroughly worked out to create a machine that really is the Best. Maybe that’s why BEST even asked us to make a scale model of the final design to show off in their lobby.


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