Atos Worldline are the kings of security. At the heart of their secure data flow sits the Hardware Security Module or HSM. This module contains the software keys that are needed for decoding all kinds of secure, encrypted information. We were pretty pleased when they came to us to help them out with not only the styling, but the mechanics and engineering as well.

Technology and aesthetics really went hand in hand. It was heat management that defined the form and the form that defined the component layout. With casework made entirely out of milled aluminum, the result is a high-end aesthetic, with a lot of respect for the quality of the material and attention to details.

Because this product contains very valuable information, high-end security is crucial. Different protective layers, one on top of the other, turn the Adyton into an impregnable fortress. In the end, the inner module was so well secured, it was even impossible for the heat to escape. To protect the product from being cooked inside it's own skin, heat dispersion became one of the key factors in the design process. A complex system with heat pipes penetrating the different layers was the only good solution. This specific item required a lot of design work and testing.

Physical models, prototypes and mockups were crucial in this project. From the first day we started building mockups in cardboard to verify dimensions, usability and assembly process. Later the cardboard models were replaced with rapid prototypes.

Close collaboration with the suppliers allowed us to deliver a mature design that was optimized in both performance, aesthetics and efficiency in production. The result is a product that once again meets the high Atos Worldline standards and for that reason it was awarded a Red Dot Design Award.

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