LDV United created a crowd-sourced campaign for automaker Opel called 'Smart Options'. They asked people to think up their own car feature and the winner would have it built into their own Opel. LDV United brought us along for the ride in order to take the winning feature from a rough idea to a functional reality.

Each day during the month long competition we were tasked with sketching out 4 of the 1347 submitted ideas. These sketches were used on the Opel website as well as for the Jury. Based on feasibility, cost, and marketing value the jury (comprised of people from Opel, Flanders DC, LDV United, MAD-faculty, and Achilles Design) selected one winning idea, Safety Air. This feature could save the life of a child or pet if they are left behind in a car. It would automatically cool down the car if temperatures reach dangerous levels.

We are currently busy with the system design and styling for what will be a production ready prototype of Safety Air. Of course we will keep you up to date with our progress!


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