Manutti was just a young sprout in the outdoor furniture world when they came to us. They wanted to establish themselves as a producer of high quality, modern outdoor furniture and wanted the expertise of Achilles Design to help them achieve this. Since then Manutti has successfully grown into a highly respected name with quality, durability, and style at its roots.

The seed from which the project would grow, was to combine clean and modern styling with the use of durable materials to create high quality furniture that would pass the test of time. Stainless Steel, high-tech textiles, and an ingenious connection method allowed us to meet these goals. A visually light frame combined with a thin but supportive seat gave us a clean and lightweight chair that will last regardless of changing trends.

Achilles was not only responsible for the conceptual design, but also for the complete technical detailing and even the production follow-up. Again proving that we deliver a complete design package, not just a pretty sketch.

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