Esselte is always looking for ways to help you organize your work the way you want to. When they realized that their Plus and Wow series organizers were missing a key component, they came to us. That makes sense since we designed many of the other products in these lines.

To complete the Plus and Wow lines, Esselte needed a new drawer cabinet. The specifications of these new products were laid out during a workshop at the Leitz headquarters in Stuttgart. Based off of form studies that we created it was decided that the new drawer cabinets needed to be very flexible, while keeping investment costs low. A modular concept was born which allowed an almost endless combination of form, color, and texture while limiting the number of molds needed.

The Leitz Plus series comes in in matte blue, black, and white and uses the same base parts as the Wow drawer cabinet. The fronts for the Wow range use flashy colors and metallic effects upon an elegant white base. These are not just well styled products though, they are thoroughly thought out storage solutions. Ergonomics played an important roll as did functionality. The silent operation of the drawers, the labeling features, the possibility to combine different sized drawers and of course the styling, all work together to create a high quality product that fits perfectly within the Plus and Wow ranges.

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