For an architect, lighting can be a very tricky subject. Different spaces need different types of lighting which means using different products. This makes it more difficult to plan for and it adds visual complexity to the architecture. Etap lighting and Achilles set out to solve this problem together. The result was the Kardo lighting system.

Kardo follows a buildings lines with its simple aesthetic, and offers a platform with endless possibilities. The housing can be mounted to ceilings, to walls, or it can be suspended. It can also be surface mounted, flush mounted, semi-flush mounted, or recessed. The anodized aluminum housing can even be painted in any RAL color.

That's only half the story though. The symmetric housing allows for a very wide variety of lighting to be installed within the same part. General lighting, task lighting, emergency lighting, up-lighting, down-lighting, side-lighting and even speaker systems can all be used at the same time. This brings all of those separate elements needed to light buildings into one sleek line.

Kardo offers so much in such a minimal package. That was the point after all. We wanted to give architects one “line” they could easily work into their creations without adding distractions. This was carried through in all details from the flat power cable to the suspension cables which disappear into the housing. Kardo's sleek lines and flexibility prove that sometimes less really is more.

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