There’s nothing more chaotic than a desk covered in stacks of loose papers and documents. Esselte knows this better than anyone. Together with us, they wanted to take simple organization of papers to the next level with the Plus series of desktop products. It's named Plus for a reason.

Continuous research and development in close cooperation with Achilles Design ensures Esselte always has a current and relevant product line. It also ensures that we are always striving to create a better product. That's why the Plus series letter trays come in a variety of formats, and they are two times stronger than the average letter tray. The trays also have a wider opening to allow you to easily grab the papers you need. On top of that there is even an innovative stackable drawer unit which adds another level of functionality to the series.

All the trays in this stylish line play well together. Standard, Jumbo, slim and even the drawer unit can all be combined to give you exactly what you need, a personalized overview of your papers. A beautiful catalog laid out the way you want.

Besides the sophisticated styling, based off a thorough market study, we also fully worked out the technical aspects of these products, from strength calculations to tooling specifications. Together with the experts from Esselte we searched for creative solutions to achieve a perfect marriage between styling and production. All that complicated stuff like draft angles, slides, ejector pins, cooling, and mold-flow hide no mysteries from us.

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