Design doesn't limit itself to the interior of your home. The exterior draws a lot of attention too. More and more home owners are wanting everything around their home to fit within their own style. Betafence thought it was about time to give people more choice when it comes to automatic gate systems. Achilles was chosen as their partner to make it happen.

The result is a completely new assortment of automatic gates for the residential market, with over 2000 possible combinations, all from the same base design.

A self-supporting structure, matched up with an assortment of panels and accessories ensures you have a durable and functional gate that fits perfectly in your home's style. Clean and modern with a perforated panel, or country cottage with a cross pattern, Modivia has the style for you.

Achilles developed not only a new gate and matching fence system, but led the entire design process step-by-step all the way to first production. Our expertise in manufacturing processes like aluminum extrusion and insight into the assembly process played a very important roll. The reason being that Betafence was moving from a labor-intensive welded steel construction to an aluminum assembly process, where they had less experience. This change was driven by the need to have a modular and flexible system with a shorter delivery time.



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