Belgacom is in a unique position. If you show a photo of their home gateway b-box to anyone in Belgium, they know exactly what it is and what company it comes from. Even if they are not Belgacom customers. That's is a hard act to follow when you need to redesign this product. Since Achilles designed the first two b-boxes, Belgacom asked us again to develop their next generation home gateway.

The fact that everyone knows the b-box as a wild child of the everyday modem, means that they expect its following generation to be more than just a box. At first that seemed a little at odds with Belgacom's desire to turn the styling in a more subtle direction. Combine those ideas with the fact that the new gateway had to be modular and future-proof, we knew we had a challenge on our hands.

The b-box 3 has a lot of technology in it. It is a central hub for your telephone, television and internet access. In order to make the b-box 3 future-proof we had to ensure that there was ample room, and more importantly ample cooling for any future components that may be added to the circuitry. This had to be done without adding a large noisy fan though. To do this we raised the b-box up on a stand to ensure that enough air could get underneath. When placed vertically on a shelf the stand and curved surfaces prevent books or other objects from sitting too close to the unit and blocking the airflow.

The stand has a couple of other functions as well. It is a wall-mount bracket, it has a snap-on cable management ring, and it is removable to allow the b-box to have other hardware added to it. In some circumstances a client may have two b-box units which can then be added to each other. This allows for endless future upgrades and services. Plus, the stand gives the b-box 3 an extra bit of character.

To not completely break with b-box tradition, the iconic Belgacom label was brought back and updated to fit the new looks. The rounded band running around the outside also ties in with it's heritage while still having its own, more mature style.

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