Even though its is economically very important for Belgium, the chemical sector has suffered an image problem for many years. There is a constant need for new, educated workers, but to few people are entering into chemistry. Therefore the Provinciale Ontwikkellingsmaatschappij Antwerpen (agency for the development of the Antwerp province) asked us to design info graphics for 18 companies in the chemical sector. The purpose of these mind maps is to present these companies in a visually attractive manner and to raise interest in the next generation of workers for a job in the chemical sector.

To pull together a mind map like these, you have to work in several phases. In close cooperation with the concerned company we first searched for the right story. Many companies work on the same “terrain”  but we wanted to ensure that each had their own story. This allows for a clear focus for each mind map.

In the second phase we translated this story into a diagram, the first visual step towards an info graphic. After receiving feedback from the company we could begin the real visual magic. While each company put their own stamp on the visuals, we also had to ensure that there was enough unity across the 18 mind maps. A not so simple balancing act between individual interests and the project in it's entirety.

You can view all 18 mind maps at www.wearechemistry.be.

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