A great product is one thing, but an entire line of great products is a real challenge. That's why Sportivo counted on our expertise to give their entire range of bicycles a makeover, for the second time in 4 years. Now that's trust.

In total, 9 models were handed over to us. This included 5 aluminum frames (Fiandria, Donna, Pista, Campo, 29ER 650B) and 4 carbon frames (1K Classico, Fulmine, Fuoco, Tuono). The great challenge for this project was to create an affordable yet still made-to-order range of bikes that allows any cycling enthusiast to have their hand in the detailing of their bikes geometry and design. Something that previously was reserved for professional athletes only.

The design of this new range is sober and refined. Black and white are the main colors, but through playing with matte and glossy finishes, and bright accent colors, these bikes really shine.

Each bicycle is custom designed in Belgium and hand made in Italy. Since these are made-to-order, we wanted to help the customers see their designs before they placed an order. To do this we made detailed full-scale images of every possible combination. This ensures that there will be no unwanted surprises, just a bike that fits you like a glove!

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