Kangourou is a private label of the Colruyt Group consisting of a wide variety of school related products. Together with the rebranding of their writing supplies, Colruyt asked us to take a look at their line of book bags as well.

Kangourou offers book bags for children of all ages from toddlers to tweenies and all the way up to teenagers. With all of these ages having different needs and ideas about what is trendy, it is hard to create a line which seems coherent and lives up to the brand. That is, unless you have a solid handle on the core values of the brand. Fortunately these core values were determined during the branding project for the Kangourou writing supplies. From this foundation the build-up of the line, the functionality of the individual bags, and the look and feel were thoroughly analyzed and improved upon.

The result is an up to date range in which children of all ages can find what they want, and a product line which supports the brands core values, and strengthens the overall story.

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