Are future consumers going to be more conscious about their food? Where will their food come from? Where, when and how will they prepare and eat their meals? These questions were floating around Colruyt Group's collective brain. Rather than just wait a couple decades to find out the answers, they asked us if we could help them visualize some possible future scenarios. Like the saying goes: good preparation is half the battle.

Technology, society, environment, human factors, and changing values all play an important roll in imagining the future world. In order to delve into this unknown time we had to dig deep into developing technologies, design concepts, futurists writing and blogs, TED talks and trend analysis. After this deep dive we could build up a quadrant diagram with associated trend clusters. Community versus Individual and Analytic versus Holistic. For each quadrant we created a series of images to illustrate these possible future scenarios.

A good understanding of these trends helps to flesh out a grounded design strategy which can anticipate and react to the future needs of a supermarket customer. A strategy which intelligently combines elements in the architecture, infrastructure, layout, product selection, communication and of course technology.



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