1505-colruyt-france-smallIt’s no secret that we have had a long term relationship with Belgian retail leader Colruyt. Because of this close bond we understand the Belgian retail-giant like no other. They are unique and don’t want to compromise their values of efficiency, engagement, simplicity, and quality for the best price. Unfortunately their Belgian store concept didn’t translate 100% to the French culture’s unique shopper behavior and retail landscape. In order to fix this, Colruyt asked us to translate the Belgian brand and French user needs into a new customer experience.

It was no small feat but together with a dedicated team at Colruyt France we were able to design a unique identity for their flagship store near Dijon (to be implemented across all 70 French stores in the North-East and Paris). A project lasting more than 2 years involving our team of service designers, brand gurus, interior architects, 3D artists and product designers alike. We left no stone unturned. Everything was reworked from the façade, to the communication strategy, all the way down to a new and unique checkout counter.


Was it a success? The feedback from customers is overwhelmingly positive proving that this innovative concept fits with French shoppers needs. A sales increase of 30% in the same store over the same period last year is an incredible Return on Investment, or Return on Design as we call it.

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