Candle chapels 2.0

scherpenheuvel-chapel-01As part on our on going project with the holy site of Scherpenheuvel, we were asked to help upgrade the seasonal candle chapels. With some help from Studio Roma these new chapels are now in use!

The construction is clearly split between visitor use and maintenance use. Both main functions are strictly separated (front and backside) in order to allow maintenance while not disturbing the intimate experience of lighting a candle.

The pattern of the rear walls refers to a rosebush, a symbol of Mary, like the seven sided star and private garden surrounding the basilica. The perforated back wall allows the chapel to integrate nicely into the private garden. The outer structure of Corten steel refers to the ubiquitous sandstone found on site.

To go along with the new chapels we also developed a new candle. Maria’s crown on the top of the candle allows it to burn in the open air. Even the cardboard lids were thoughtfully designed to function as intention cards to share the visitors story with Mary.

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